New Year Beginnings

With this New Year beginning, Greatwood Homes is taking this opportunity to reflect on the incredibly prosperous years leading up to this point. Our biggest success is based primarily around the lifelong friendships we have built with our customers. The countless hours we spend creating plans that fit each and every one of their specific needs and budget, the excitement seen on their face the day we scrape the first bit of dirt. Just a few short months go by and soon we arrive to the days leading up to move in and the bond created between all of us is without a doubt -undeniable….As we have just built someone’s forever DREAM home.

Twenty-nine years ago Greatwood Custom Homes was better known as Blue Diamond Homes. A young couple with ambition creativity and desire to build the rarest kind of home…a BLUE DIAMOND HOME.  The goal was to design true custom homes using only the most qualified contractors with the most quality finish outs. The idea was that a person with very specific wants and needs like certain square footages, bedrooms, and amenities could benefit from building their home with us and could rest assured their home would be an innovative design, distinctive quality, energy efficient all for an impressive value. We are proud to say we have stuck by those promises and are so grateful for all the beautiful testimonials our clients continue to share about their home and the experience building it with us.

Over the years few things have changed. One being our name. In 2014 the name Greatwood Custom Homes came to light. The same builder along with many of her same contractors implementing the same core values and building those very custom homes in and around Ellis County. Another great change is the family dynamic. All 3 of the builders children now work closely together bringing new vibrant ideas, creative plans and hard work into the family business. Their blood runs deep with the very same ambition creativity and desire to build those long standing relationships with every family.

This new year we look ahead to some of our more recent endeavors  and count our many blessings. Our love for construction and business has led us to thrive more deeply into our Commercial journey and specifically the Historical side with one of our most exciting projects to date being Founders Row in Midlothian. The love of people and preservation of what already is but with a little guidance and helping hands has heightened our drive to do more residential and commercial  remodel. Our goal to be full service and knowledgeable of all markets has encouraged us to grow our real estate brokerage of 30 years and expand our team of agents to better serve the many home buyers and seller in our area. Each of these services give us great pleasure and we are humbled to have the opportunity to work in such a great community. Most of all our passion continues to be to build everlasting relationships with each and every person we come in contact with.  Greatwood Custom Homes has and always will be your true custom home builder. 2018 will be our greatest year yet!

For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.
Hebrews 3:4