I am more than impressed. I must say that even though I am early into my ownership of a Greatwood Custom Home, I am more than impressed.

I have to start with the concept of what a good layout and use of space should be. I think that if you are serious when looking for a home, you will come across many different builders’ concepts. As I went from builder to builder to see their offerings, I think the first thing that set this builder apart was the most efficient use of space, and the addition of common sense amenities.
I also appreciate the upgraded building materials and insulation used over what I witnessed from other builders. The energy efficiency is great and the small volume of homes being built at once allows the builder to keep a close eye on every facet of the structure throughout the process to make sure that her signature is on every phase.
I also liked the quick response from the builder via text message, phone call or email any time I had a question.
For me, the process was good, and a lot less strenuous compared to the high-volume builders I have had in the past.
I am sure that building a custom home with many builders will eventually get you what you want, but if you are looking for the best quality, experience and bang for your buck I would highly recommend Greatwood Custom Homes. You will thank yourself later.
Anthony R. Avatar
Anthony R.
Best Builders in Ellis County After looking at several builders in the area, we chose Greatwood Homes because of the creativity and the professional attitude of the builders. They put a lot of thought into each house, giving it its own personality. After living in our house for 12 years, we went back to Greatwood Homes for a remodel (garage conversion). There was no doubt who we wanted for the job. They are truly without a doubt the best builders in Ellis County.
Gary and Elaine Woodall Avatar
Gary and Elaine Woodall
We loved Greatwood Custom Homes so much we referred them to my parents The entire process was a pleasure. We looked forward every day to the experience of seeing the house move towards completion. Everything was done in a timely manner and expertly finished. You worked to find us the best products and the best prices. We had many decisions to make but by far the best one was when we chose YOU to be our Builder.

We loved Greatwood Custom Homes so much we referred them to my parents who built their dream home with them as well. We would highly recommend you to anyone seeking to build a new home. If we every build a new home again you will be the first call we make.
Neil and Susan Munn Avatar
Neil and Susan Munn
Greatwood Homes under Kim Tucker's leadership was an excellent choice for building our home. Greatwood Homes under Kim Tucker's leadership was an excellent choice for building our home. The home was a spec home which had been framed and roofed prior to us putting a contract on the house. We meet with Kim and her associate Neal and they got the ball rolling, making changes that we wanted for our home.Kim is a true custom home builder and not semi-custom. She allowed us to pick our brick, stone, light fixtures, tile, colors, and flooring.She gave us a budget for each item in the home, and it was very reasonable. They went above and beyond to do the herringbone brick pattern on our home. It was a great experience and we would do it again in a heartbeat.
Shawn and Angel Banks Avatar
Shawn and Angel Banks